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Cushion decoration recommendation for leisure area or bay window

Cushions can be seen everywhere in our home life, such as the sofa in the living room, the bedroom, the bay window or the relaxation area. It can be used to relieve fatigue in life. When it plays the role of decoration, the cushion is used to decorate the home space with colors, shapes and materials

2022 03-23
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How to remove mold on the cushion?

If you like outdoor decoration, chances are you have a series of vibrant outdoor cushions to decorate your front porch or backyard courtyard. Colored cushions add comfort and vitality-but at the same time, they are also vulnerable to various factors. If your outdoor furniture cushion has withstood t

2022 03-08
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Which fabric is best for window seat cushions?

Which fabric is best for window seat cushions? Is it important to you to have a window seat in your house? Then, you might want it to look and feel as good as possible. You not only want people to appreciate your bay window, but you also want it to be a comfortable and warm place where you can relax

2022 02-20
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To protect the lumbar spine, the selection of cushions should start from four aspects

When a person is sitting, the strength of the lumbar spine is twice that of standing. If the body is tilted forward 20 degrees, the pressure on the lumbar spine will increase to nearly three times. It can be said that sometimes sitting is more tiring than standing. If you want to reduce fatigue when

2022 01-21
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What material is good for the cushion core?

What material is good for the pillow coreThere are many types of pillow cores. Which pillow core is made of the best material? So how do we choose a soft and comfortable pillow?At present, the best materials for pillow cores on the market are: PP cotton, waterfowl hair, foam particles, pearl cotton

2021 04-30
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The cushion is part of the home, so use the cushion to light up your happy life

The pillow is part of the home, so use the pillow to light up your happy lifeFor the pillow, I believe everyone will like it very much, especially girls, at home, can have a pillow, hug, lean against, very warm and very safe. When you are tired, putting a pillow behind your waist can relieve tension

2021 03-10
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What are the classifications of cushions?

What are the classifications of pillowsAccording to application scenarios1. Sofa pillowThe pillow used when sitting or lying down on the sofa is also used to decorate the sofa of one's own home. When watching TV, chatting, or resting on the sofa, a soft and comfortable pillow can give people a parti

2021 03-05


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