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What material is good for the cushion core?

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There are many types of cushion cores. Which cushion core is made of the best material? So how do we choose a soft and comfortable cushion?

At present, the best materials for cushion cores on the market are: PP cotton, waterfowl hair, foam particles, pearl cotton and silk and other top materials.

1. PP cotton is commonly known as: doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as filled cotton. The original material is recycled polyester staple fiber fabric. There are mainly two types of common fiber and hollow fiber on the market. This product has good resilience and a smooth feel. , Low price, good warmth retention.

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2. Waterfowl feather is also called down on the market, including duck down and goose down. The feathers of waterfowls contain grease and are extremely fluffy, which can create a warm space and have a warming effect.

3. Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by the coagulation of the silk liquid secreted by cooked silkworm cocoons. It is also called natural silk. It is a natural fiber. The inner tube does not cake, does not become stuffy, does not shrink, is uniform and soft, and can be permanent. It is free to use, but the price is higher. In the competition of various ordinary materials, silk has the best warmth retention and is extremely skin-friendly, allowing the skin to breathe smoothly and naturally during sleep.

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4. Foam particles, also known as snow peas, are a kind of high molecular polymer. Because of the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, the foam particles have fluidity, which is more comfortable and natural as a cushion or cushion core, and can be adjusted with the indoor temperature to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Its main feature is anti-static in winter.

5. EPE has many advantages such as water-proof and moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat preservation, environmental protection and not easy to build up. It is the most suitable replacement for modern cushion cores. It is very similar to pp cotton, in granular form, and has the characteristics of not being easy to compact. As a cushion core, it has very good elasticity.

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