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5 creative ways to use Tapestry

The tapestry is famous for the perfect combination of ancient and modern art, and has been exuding a peaceful atmosphere since ancient times. The unique and bold design on the tapestry is pleasing to the eye and has an absolute sense of tranquility. Not only that, it is also a powerful meditation sy

2022 01-12
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Tibetan tapestry weaving skills

Tibetan tapestry weaving skillsTibetan carpets are one of the representatives of Tibetan wool weaving skills. According to legend, it has a history of more than 600 years. It uses yak hair or wool as the woven material. It is dense and heavy, soft and delicate, bright in color, durable, etc., plus a

2021 12-10
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Tapestry purchase and matching skills

Tapestry purchase and matching skillsTapestry began to flourish in France during the Middle Ages, and the number of people who like to weave tapestries has never been surpassed during this time. They are considered a very wealthy luxury goods symbolizing royalty and wealth. At the practical level, t

2021 11-10
The best wall hanging artwork,tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your walls

The best wall hanging artwork, lace, tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your wallsThese novel wall decorations can illuminate any room beyond traditional art, and wall decorations are making a comeback. Reinterpreted from the 70s-style textured wall hanger, from the miracle of woven wool and

2021 09-02
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How to hang wall decoration cloth?

How to hang wall decoration clothWall decoration cloth can be hung according to the following points:1. The hanging cloth should first choose a good location, and an open and eye-catching wall is the first choice. Avoid hanging on the corner or wall with heavy shadows.2. The height of the hanging cl

2021 05-26


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