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"Bayeux Tapestry" woven from linen

There is a beautiful small city Bayeux in northwestern France near the English Channel. In the Notre Dame Cathedral in the city, there is a tapestry made in the 11th century. This is the famous Bayeux tapestry in history. "Bayeux Tapestry" is 70 meters long and half a meter wide. It describes the pr

2022 03-26
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Why should you choose tapestries instead of hanging pictures?

Most homeowners focus on decorating their homes with photos, hanging paintings, sculptures and other handicrafts. Tapestry is something they often overlook. However, tapestries are one of the most elegant and unique wall decorations you can find.For centuries, tapestries have been used for home deco

2022 03-20
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What are the Different Types of Wall Hangings?

There are many different types of wall hangings. Some of the more common are wall art, tapestries and mirrors. Framed photos, sconces, baskets and vinyl images are other kinds. There are so many different types, styles and designs of wall tapestry that there is one for virtually every style of home

2022 01-24
The best wall hanging artwork,tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your walls

The best wall hanging artwork, lace, tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your wallsThese novel wall decorations can illuminate any room beyond traditional art, and wall decorations are making a comeback. Reinterpreted from the 70s-style textured wall hanger, from the miracle of woven wool and

2021 09-02
Amaze your hours with a tapestry

Amaze your hours with a tapestryWhen it comes to wall decoration, more people will fall in love with decorative paintings. But if there were only decorative paintings in the home, it would be a bit monotonous.Therefore, we might as well combine decorative paintings with various wall-mounted shelves,

2021 07-28
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What you have to know to buy hand-woven tapestry?

What you have to know to buy hand-woven tapestryHand-woven tapestries have been surging in recent years, and they are especially popular among petty-bourgeois youths, especially the new darlings of home decoration in new houses. The main reason people are buying this type of product is to look good.

2021 04-14


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