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Colorful cushions enrich home life

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The variety of cushions enriches home life. Although it is a small object, different matching methods can show different life styles and home styles. Therefore, the matching method is also very particular, and the color tones should be selected in combination with the overall environmental color to achieve a unified atmosphere of the space.

Matching highlights: black leather sofa, matching with black and white cushions, the space appears mature and stable, the color does not jump, and it is not open, which is in line with the use of a simple and quiet living room.

cushion covers

Matching highlights: The same is also a dark leather sofa, the overall color system is white, so that the matching of cushions can be slightly jumped, for example, the matching of white cushions with royal blue cushions, has a kind of bright feeling.

Matching highlights: The brown leather sofa itself will bring a dull and single feeling, so the cushions can be matched with similar and patterned cushions. Combined with soft lighting, the space is a little more vibrant and warm.

Matching highlights: leather white sofa, and the theme color of the wall is mainly brown. For this design, the cushion can be matched with brown, so that it has a mutual radiance with the theme color of the wall. In addition, black or Silver is embellished, and it will not look single. Of course, it also needs to be matched with the surrounding accessories to achieve the unity of the space style.

Matching highlights: In the furniture with Chinese elements, the light-colored leather sofa is matched with the elegant and indifferent cushions with large flower patterns. The space color is clear and the atmosphere is generous and decent.

Matching highlights: The color of the cushions here has more jumps than the front. There are line styles, a mixture of monochrome and complex patterns, which match the background color very harmoniously.

cushion covers

Matching highlights: The monochromatic cloth sofa is casual and sexy. Combined with the background color, the cushion can be matched with the color of the sofa. In addition, it can also be matched with simple patterns and slightly bright colors. This mix and match adjusts the original single effect To increase the saturation of the space.

Matching highlights: the background color is still relatively plain, the cushion can be chosen similar to the color of the sofa, plus other plain colors with simple patterns, which is also a good way to match. If there are children in the family, the pattern of the cushion can be cartoon, giving space The cute side of the activity is added.

Matching highlights: White sofas have a wide range of cushions. Red, blue, black and white are all classics. Coupled with such interesting creative patterns, it is very suitable for romantic couples' wedding room decoration.

Matching highlights: the combination of a monochrome sofa and a floral patterned pastoral sofa, then the matching of cushions must exchange roles. The floral pattern is matched with a single color, and the monochrome pattern is matched with a broken flower. The space color appears very clear and does not cause dazzling visually The feeling of being soft and beautiful is generous and decent.

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