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The difference between the characteristics of sofa cushion and health cushion

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The characteristics of sofa cushions and health cushions are different. cushions and cushions are common household items in modern families. Although the cushions are small, they can be bigger than the small ones. In addition to the materials and patterns, the fancy cushions with different seams are also placed differently. The location and matching type, the personality of the owner can also be revealed from the large and small cushions.

Sofa cushion

The sofa cushion is a cushion used when sitting or lying on the sofa, and can also be used to decorate your own sofa. When chatting, watching TV or resting on the sofa, a gentle and warm cushion can give people a particularly warm feeling and can make your guests feel close to their own home.


Health cushion

Adding various traditional Chinese medicine and other physical therapy materials to ordinary cushions can achieve a certain health care effect. cushioncases selected for health-care cushions are usually relatively smooth, and have strong ventilation performance, and also have therapeutic and preventive effects.

Car cushion

Putting your favorite cushion in the spacious and pleasant car, not only allows you to enjoy the feeling of home during the long journey, but also gives your car a sense of incomparable agility. Like other small accessories, cushions have become an indispensable element to decorate your car. Car cushions are usually small, so it is better to activate the space.


Bed cushion

The decoration of some small and lovely beds with lovely and delicate cushions will be more vibrant, and you will feel more warmth and warmth when you sleep.

DIY cushion

Recently, compared with the popular varieties, I buy cushions of suitable size, and then use my dexterous hands to make favorite patterns, and hold the cushions I made by myself in the car or on the sofa, which is novel and layered. DIY cushions are increasingly popular among the masses because of their feasibility and personal hobbies.

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