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How to clean the sofa cushion cover?

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How to clean the sofa cushion cover?

Hand wash: Use mild detergent for washing; put the cushion cover into the detergent solution, and keep squeezing the cushion cover with your hands until it is clean, and the excess detergent must be squeezed out; rinse with water until the cushion cover is rinsed. Finally, squeeze the excess water dry; lay the cushion cover flat and dry, which will be softer and fluffy.

Machine wash: Use mild detergent for washing; use a large washing machine to wash two cushion covers at the same time. If only one can be accommodated, it is best to add a towel to wash together to balance the water flow; if it is dried, the cushion cover will be easier to restore its original elasticity and become softer and fluffy.

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Ordinary printing and dyeing cushion cover: Please remove the cushion cover when washing, turn it over to wash, avoid prolonged soaking and scrubbing, wash with cold water, please use soft washing powder or detergent, do not use bleach. Do not use an iron to directly iron the pattern part. Do not wash the cushion core with water, and directly expose it to the sun. The original expansion will be restored after tapping.

Latex cushion cover: The latex cushion cover should be soaked in cold washing essence, gently pressed with your hands and then rinsed with water repeatedly, and then wrapped in a dry cloth to absorb most of the water, and then place it in a cool place to air dry. Do not expose it to the sun , So as to avoid material deterioration and oxidation.


Refurbishment skills of fabric sofa:

1. If the wooden board in the sofa shelf is damp and broken, the spring is deformed, or the sponge collapses, you can replace the wooden board with the spring to replace the sponge or reinforce the original shelf. Generally, it takes about five to seven days to complete a five-digit combination.

2. Compared with wooden sofas and leather sofas, fabric sofas are easier to get dirty and easily stained with oil stains, but they are relatively easy to replace. Just go to the market to find the corresponding sofa cover and make it better.

3. If there is a spring or other deformation in the sofa, you can find a master to replace the spring. In fact, you can make it by hand, and the cost will be much less.

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