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What problems should be paid attention to when printing cotton and linen cushions?

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The indispensable thing in home textiles is the cushion. Sofas and cushions are like people and air. No one can do without. Of course, cushions can't be ordinary. In order to improve the quality of cushions, we start with digital printing and cushion fabrics. Let's talk about the choice of this printed cushion and fabric below!

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First of all, for a printed cushion, a good pattern determines its value. In fact, the shape of the cushion has not changed much, it is just round and square. But this pattern is ever-changing, cartoon printing, character printing, flower and bird printing and so on. So how should we attract our customers through patterns? According to our statistics, the simpler it is, the more people will like it. This kind of printed cushion is also the highest grade! There is also the color tone. Generally, everyone prefers lighter dark colors, and most people pursue fashionable European styles!

Of course, in addition to printed patterns. The digital printing machine and process are also very important, and the color and luster are very important. The printing accuracy of digital printing and the color fastness after printing are higher than the national standard. Of course, the printed cushions made are even more upscale customized with sequin cushions.

cushion covers

Secondly, in addition to external beauty such as printing, its own quality is actually the most important thing. Even if a cushion is good-looking, it is useless if the fabric is of poor quality. Use the finest cotton and linen fabric to make a printed cushioncase. What is superior? Let me tell everyone here that if the raw materials are the same, it mainly depends on its longitude and latitude, which is what we call density.


Of course, there are some factors such as sewing process, zipper design and edging accessories that also affect the beauty of a printed cushion. These are all factors of the cushion itself, and there are some factors that cannot be ignored, such as the price and quality of the cushion. No matter how good it is, the price is not better than that of the people. How to find a balance between price and quality is the key!

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