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Several tips for the maintenance of fabric sofa cushions

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There are many fabric sofa cushions on the market, such as summer cushions made of bamboo, linen, ice silk and other breathable and cool sofa cushions. The sofa cushions are soft and comfortable in winter, with warm sponge, plush, wool and other different materials. Sofa cushions can not only adjust the temperature in different seasons, but also increase the comfort of fabric sofas. However, there are many styles of fabric sofa cushions. Because of the high frequency of use, short service life, and easy to get dirty, I will give you the following Summarize the maintenance methods of fabric sofa cushions.

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Fabric sofa cushions should avoid sun exposure

Fabric sofa cushions add color and fun to our lives, so should we take extra care of her in our daily life? The hot summer is coming, the strong sunlight will easily fade the colored substances in the fabric sofa, making it no longer beautiful, and will accelerate the aging of the fabric sofa, so try to avoid direct sunlight. Place the sofa in a place away from the sun. If not, use translucent curtains to block the sun. It can also give the room a sense of elegance.

Fabric sofa cushions should be flipped frequently

Once a week, flip the seat cushion of the fabric sofa, because the surface wear caused by sitting and lying is evenly distributed, so that local wear will not be too fast and prolong the service life of the fabric sofa.

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Pay attention to the cleaning method of fabric sofa cushion

Use a vacuum cleaner to fully vacuum, and part of the treatment is to use a special cleaner to separately treat oil stains and stains on the sofa, dilute the foam remover, pour it into the foaming box, wrap the sofa with a cloth and brush the edges, corners and corners. Where the machine cannot be pushed, use a single-disc machine equipped with a bubbler and sofa brush to clean the sofa with dry foam. Use a high-temperature cleaning machine to sterilize and clean the sofa, and let the water suction machine suck dry foam to make the sofa completely dry.

The maintenance of the fabric sofa cushion is introduced here. As long as we earnestly study the maintenance knowledge of the fabric sofa, we can keep it as new for a long time, extend the service life of the fabric sofa cushion, and ensure that it will not fade, obsolete or lose due to improper maintenance. luster.

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