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What kind of existence does the tapestry mean to the home?

What kind of existence does the tapestry mean to the home?Beautiful and warm existence!First, weaving tapestries mainly use cotton rope and wool. They have a warm and delicate texture that can soften the rigidity of modern architectural spaces. The tapestries woven with them will form a variety of d

2022 03-30
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What should I pay attention to when buying tapestry decorations?

Consumers who have tapestry decorations in their homes must be very tasteful and attentive people. Consumers who know a little about tapestries will know that tapestries are not only beautiful and elegant, but tapestry maintenance requires careful care. So, how to buy tapestries? Be sure to pay atte

2022 02-07
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Tibetan tapestry weaving skills

Tibetan tapestry weaving skillsTibetan carpets are one of the representatives of Tibetan wool weaving skills. According to legend, it has a history of more than 600 years. It uses yak hair or wool as the woven material. It is dense and heavy, soft and delicate, bright in color, durable, etc., plus a

2021 12-10
The most popular tapestry wall art ornaments add texture and charm to bare walls

The most popular tapestry wall art ornaments add texture and charm to bare wallsOne of the best ways to personalize and instantly change the space is to hang the things you absolutely love on the wall. Framed artwork, posters and even lace works are good choices, but they are not always the most eco

2021 09-08
The best wall hanging artwork,tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your walls

The best wall hanging artwork, lace, tapestries and soft furniture to decorate your wallsThese novel wall decorations can illuminate any room beyond traditional art, and wall decorations are making a comeback. Reinterpreted from the 70s-style textured wall hanger, from the miracle of woven wool and

2021 09-02
Amaze your hours with a tapestry

Amaze your hours with a tapestryWhen it comes to wall decoration, more people will fall in love with decorative paintings. But if there were only decorative paintings in the home, it would be a bit monotonous.Therefore, we might as well combine decorative paintings with various wall-mounted shelves,

2021 07-28
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How to maintain the tapestry?

How to maintain the tapestryTapestry is also called "tapestry". The raw materials and weaving method are the same as carpets, which are used for indoor wall decoration. Our country has a long history of tapestries. Since ancient times, Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia have been good at weaving tap

2021 06-30
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The history and value of tapestry

The history and value of tapestryWeaving carpets appeared in China as early as the Western Han Dynasty (two thousand years ago). In the eighth century AD, felt carpets were quite popular in the Tang Dynasty. At that time felt carpets woven with silver thread appeared. In the 17th and 18th centuries,

2021 06-21


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