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How to remove mold on the cushion?

If you like outdoor decoration, chances are you have a series of vibrant outdoor cushions to decorate your front porch or backyard courtyard. Colored cushions add comfort and vitality-but at the same time, they are also vulnerable to various factors. If your outdoor furniture cushion has withstood t

2022 03-08
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Cushion decoration recommendation for leather sofa

The black leather sofa, matched with cushions with black and white patterns, makes the space mature and stable, and the color is not jumping or unassuming, which is in line with the use of a simple and quiet living room.The same is also a dark leather sofa, the overall color is white, so that the ma

2022 02-23
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The most popular home style in the U.S. on Instagram

Nowadays, "de-stylization" is popular among interior designers, saying that the most suitable one is to satisfy customers. But whether it is home improvement or fashion, even art, the analysis will often be intertwined, tribute, integrated and updated on several major basic genres; when we talk abou

2022 01-09
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Market elements of color design for interior decoration fabrics

Market elements of color design for interior decoration fabricsThe color design of interior decoration fabrics is basically the market behavior of manufacturers, that is to say, the design and development are always carried out around the market. Consumers' customs and beliefs, cultural literacy, ec

2021 06-28
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Maintenance and cleaning method of cushion cover

Maintenance and cleaning method of cushion coverMatching knowledge of cushion cover1. The materials and colors of the cushion cover vary from person to person. The cushion covers with dark patterns are graceful and luxurious, suitable for decorating luxurious homes. Brightly colored cushions are sui

2021 05-05
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About the difference between pillow fabrics

About the difference between pillow fabricsPillows can be divided into cotton, peach skin, silk and other pillows according to the materials they make. Pillows of different materials give people different feelings, and different people will also favor pillows of different materials. It is generally

2021 04-16
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Cushion is the biggest standard to measure the taste of home accessories

Pillow is the biggest standard to measure the taste of home accessoriesThe sunlight penetrated the bedroom, as if ushering in a grand garden story, the cat and bunny became the focus of attention. The pillow of childlike elements adds a touch of liveliness to this, and the soft blanket makes the roo

2021 03-08
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How many functions do you know about the cushion?

In the past, our understanding of cushions may only remain at the viewing level. In fact, cushions have many functions. Consumers can purchase cushions according to their functions. Functional categories:

2021 03-03


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