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Cloth cushion: create creative home space

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Are you limited to "looks beautiful" and ignore the important but subtle details that constitute beauty. While we are amazed by the perfection of the overall style of the home, we should also pay attention to this small decoration that is selflessly dedicated to the overall beauty , Because their existence can cause unexpected effects, and the role of fabric cushions cannot be underestimated.

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1. Harmony and unity create an elegant mood

Furniture alone is not enough to create a living room environment and atmosphere. Even with the help of exquisite curtains, the space is still slightly thin. The cushion that is basically the same as the curtain pattern but changes ingeniously is the medicine to invigorate the room. In this way, the space is light and not monotonous, with a tranquil and far-reaching elegance.

2. Harmony but different from the noble style

European retroism is now far more famous than its proponent Louis XIV. Its gorgeous and exquisite decorations, elegant lines, posing like a lady, the roses behind it give it romance, but still There needs to be a balance of rational stripe decoration, which also increases the comfort of the chair.

cushion covers

3. Play all the tricks to light up the elegant space

Many people don't like exaggerated and gorgeous sofas, but advocate simple and comfortable styles, but if the color is too simple and elegant, it will give the space a cold feeling. Stripes, seashells and some indescribable patterns casually displayed their charms on the white sofa, effectively embellishing the beauty of the space, but without the provocation of exaggerated tones.

4. Colors combine to create seasonal characteristics

If the room stays the same all the year round, it will make life lose its freshness. Changing the color of the space with the seasons is a good way. Prepare cushions of various colors. In the spring when the grass grows and the warblers fly, and in the hot sun and green summer, use colors to create different feelings according to the season.

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