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Cushion + curtains, classic patterns on handmade fabrics make the impression of Britain

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British-style home furnishings are mostly handmade fabrics, with beautiful lines and beautiful colors; jewelry fabrics also inherit this feature, and their distinctive features are unforgettable. The British especially love patterns such as broken flowers and lattices, so curtains and fabrics are indispensable.

Ensure that the appearance is not the same, the most common square cushion, the woolen material makes the cushion look full of texture. The red side surround makes the cushion more colorful, and it is more appropriate with the black plum pattern.

cushion covers

When it comes to British style, in addition to the grid pattern, the decoration of the rice flag is the most. Exquisite workmanship, perfect color matching, and a little rivet embellishment make this cushion even more impressive and more attractive.

The light gray shading and simple decoration make this beautiful cushion. The lovely red and white patterns are dotted on the cushions, as if they are moving. Such cushions can easily be integrated into the overall style of the interior.

The classic plaid design reflects nobility and voltage. The coffee plaid can be described as a versatile product. The classic Burberry plaid is suitable for modern and simple IKEA style or a little low-key small luxury home style. Whether dark or light-colored sofas can be perfectly applied, it is recommended to match with coffee, black, beige fabric sofas or leather sofas. The thick cotton on the front and back is super thick and warm in touch.

cushion covers

The whole cushion is simple and fresh, and the embellishment of English letters gives this small cushion a little more British retro charm. This cushion is suitable for simple European home style, and is a beautiful decoration for modern and simple Nordic home.

All kinds of British style elements are dotted together to form this small and fresh curtain. The shading of the imitation newspaper is embellished with British elements such as the rice flag and Big Ben, giving it a strong natural British flavor.

The classic lattice pattern expresses the fresh and natural British style; the milky white background with soft light coffee stripes, simple and elegant style, brings freshness and comfort to home life. Natural cotton and linen fabric, comfortable and soft when touching the skin, yarn-dyed technology, pure color and higher color fastness. The details of the cotton and linen texture are fresh, and the meticulous and meticulous lines give people a visual texture.

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